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What is Soma prime build and how many types of soma prime?

Soma Prime Build. Guide by Akako Updates for Warframe Soma Prime. Build types include Critical Builds, Headshot Builds, Status Builds, and Hybrid Builds.

War frame had one of its very first golden primed weapons with the soma prime war frame. The Soma prime was released in 2014 and became well known for its typical appearance among other primed weapons.

It didn’t take a year for you to get her again. Even then, assault rifle was entered in the prime vault before two years, with one promotion and twitch prime showing. Furthermore, the soma prime, an assault rifle of Tenno design, is a prime variant of the soma and is a primary weapon.

Although today, there will be a re-release during an upcoming opening of the prime vault, and you can only get her by trading with other players. So, if you want to get this great weapon, keep your eyes open and make sure it is real. Having soma prime will at least make you love the rifle if you find yourself with a great build.

In addition, the soma prime has one of the largest magazine capacities and ammo reserves in the game. In addition to its decent critical chance and high rate of fire, successive critical hits against enemies are easy to achieve.

As a result of its high rate of fire, both status and critical effects are possible regardless of the base state. In addition, the Soma prime has decent accuracy and is useful for taking on crowds from low to high range. Now that’s a weapon you’d want to bring to a battle, an assault rifle with the magazine capacity of a heavy machine gun.

Characteristics of the soma prime build weapon:

Soma prime is the prime variant of the soma, retaining most of its stats while changing a few.

The following are some of Soma Prime’s base stats:

  • Fire rate: Around 15 shots per second.
  • Noise: When fired, shots are loud and alert the enemy.
  • Capacity: 200 shots per magazine. Soma prime for 100 shots.
  • Critical multiplier: Critical shots deal three times as much damage.
  • It takes only three seconds to reload a new magazine.
  • When the trigger is depressed, the weapon fires and continues firing automatically.
  • Critical chance: to deal with critical per shots has a 30% chance.
  • Status: Per shots it has a 10% chance to proc status.
  • At low to medium ranges, Accuracy has a 28.6 accuracy rating.
  • Damage : deals 4.8 puncture damage, 1.2 impacts damage, and 6.0 slash

In order to build its prime parts and use its blueprints, players must reach Mastery Rank 7 before using soma prime.

Soma prime build Pros :

  • A high rate of critical chance
  • means that status chance is moderate
  • with three types of physical damage
  • fire has a high rate of occurrence
  • with no projectile travel time
  • Great range
  • Damage from punctures and slashes
  • with two polarities
  • due to magazine size
  • The maximum ammo capacity is large
  • 7 mastery rank is required
  • to carry large quantities of magazines

Soma prime build Cons:

  • The base damage is very low
  • as well as the impact damage
  • reload speed
  • speed
  • speed, ammunition efficiency is low
  • no elemental damage

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What is Soma prime build and how many types of soma prime?

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