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Birds and Containers – a theory on “hawks mha ” and his past

The insightful world: 10 Things That Look terrible about Cami. A study of Hawks‘ character and relationship with Dabi.

Introduction to Hawks mha:

It is a rather strange theory of headcanons that is the result of much ruminating and googling. The being a fan understanding of “hawks mha” youth features requires some group environment and proof. A kind of alcohol abuse and subjugation by his people.

I. Hawks mha Text-based Confirmation

The only picture we have of Birds of prey’s childhood home is this one. As a medium, naga books and empirical books represent space courses. Work through flashbacks or provide broad explanations sparingly. If overused, manga or comics can often be ambiguous.

However, the picture speaks a thousand words and is unimaginably insightful to character development. Especially to a helper or tertiary individual like “hawks mha “. How much time should be spent on who should be made in an unobtrusive manner? Based solely on the present circumstances.  Flying predator’s home life (other than other scholarly hints that confirm his poor upbringing until he was investigated).

Therefore, there has been no inquiry into Horikoshi’s recall of garbage. That picture implies something. Horikoshi will certainly violate adding aspects (such as Kaminari’s dell ‘streak’, Hawks’ stubble) rather than subtracting aspects in harum-scarum.

Furthermore, lying around “hawks mha ” is garbage. These include containers and holders which are likely to be filled with alcohol. There are three types of liquor being sold: Blend, Reason, and Shochu (a harder liquor than reason, made from rice and grain, suggested as ‘Kyushu’s Spirit’).  Sweets machines are sometimes used to sell liquor. Alcohol discarded from the machines is sold this way.

The cold one line is particularly captivating. In Japanese, the line is guan ****. I will add a reference add-on for sources on a reblogging of this post. However, it is a business-related term for slackening up (drinking) and loosening up. A true perspective incorporates winding/moving like a chamber.

II. Hawks mha Group environment Confirmation

On Tidiness

Going off the floor in “hawks mha” pre-adulthood. There’s no way whoever is raising him is flawless enough to get garbage. A smaller glass compartment, essentially. A child and aluminum containers. Such things are potentially dangerous. His parents aren’t thinking about government help for birds of prey.

Despite this, he also throws out a lot of other garbage; he values cleanliness. The Japanese thought of war. Shinto and Buddhist views emphasize a standard of tidiness that is personal and normal.

Horikoshi has already shown us tarnished rooms in Jin’s townhouse. The room was also stacked with ale cans and waste, and Shigaraki’s garbage bags occupied it. These are nothing like the compartment. We recognize inexperienced civilizations when we see them. The VIZ mediator has even written notes about them. What prevails is scheduled to be discerned as rooms outside of ordinary society. Additionally, Twice’s level has a lot of alcohol lying around.

Horikoshi has clearly used chaotic, obfuscated rooms to infer something about characters before they appear. Whether it is a bad mental state or a moral individual (I lean towards the past here). Regardless of whether for villainy or mental illness.

Penetrate the 九州男児 – or ‘Kyushu Danji’, the Child from Kyushu.

The “hawks mha ” has consistently shown amazingly strong region identifications – from his bend happening in Fukuoka onwards. He familiarizes us with his past experiences, from being named in a holler to his old baseball team (the Softbank Birds of Prey).

But he immediately began using his neighborhood dialect (Hakata-ben). There is a long history of destitution and normal establishments in Fukuoka prefecture as well. It is especially important that he epitomize Fukuoka (and Kyushu, since we don’t have many characters from the island) as much as possible.

Kyushu Danji is close to speculation, stock individuals. ‘Men from Kyushu’ keep up with great habits in a commonplace way. By and large, they do so in astonishingly broad terms. Due to their masculinity, these men were indisputable more esteemed than the rest of Japan.

Kyushu Danji is neither evacuating nor thoughtful. The man is serious, remarkable, and overbearing (in his relationship with women and the housework).

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