Miss Abbott

Biography of Miss Abbott and the doctor Andreas Marino

The Complete Biography of Miss Abbott and the Doctor Andreas Marino. It was a romance between Doctor Andreas Marino and Miss Abbott.


The strange woman, Miss Abbott, shows up in the town of the doctor, who loves his simple life, simple amusements, and filled with work, and he decides that he does not like her. Unfortunately, she enjoyed getting into trouble and had an uncommon past, she was quirky and so funny. Welcome to a romantic comedy of sketchy Victorian times.

“Miss Abbott and the doctor” has the following characters:

Miss Cati Abbott:

Cati Abbott was adopted by a Native American tribe as a child, and she grew up with them. She also had a boyfriend at the time, Kuarahy, but when anthropologist Ms Kira Aquila-Salazar offered to bring her back to “proper world,” they were separated. The Abbott parents of Miss Cati were her mentors. There is no doubt Miss Cati is an interesting character in Miss Abbott and the doctor.

The character of Miss cati Abbott is lovable and hilarious. She certainly has an outgoing personality and a fantastic imagination. She is married to Dr. Andreas Marino.

Contents about Miss Cati Abbott:

  1. Personality
  2. Physical appearance
  3. List of appearances
  4. History
  5. Navigation
  6. Relationships
  7. Family
  8. Friends
  9. Interest of love


Cati is more free than what others believe she should be, who prefers to comfort herself. This leads to her being yelled at or lectured at by Andreas, which puts her in many dangerous situations. Andreas gets caught up in the conversation and in an embarrassing position, and Cati has a tendency to get her.

Physical appearance in “miss Abbott and the doctor”:

Cati is a petite girl with brown eyes and wavy red hair. Typically, she wears comfortable clothes that are easy to adventure in or dresses in casual style. When Andreas is around, she will wear the fanciest or best clothing to impress him.


Instead, they encountered an unforgiving wilderness; Cati’s parents left their society in search of a place where they could live without the influence of technology. Cati was born in Amazonia, the place where she learned to speak English but was never given a proper education.

She learned their cultures after his parents died of an unknown illness; a native tribe took her in, and she lived with them for a time. Kira Aquila Salazar integrated Cati into modern society and took her in when she was a teenager.


  • During Cati’s childhood, her father died of an unknown illness in the Amazonia. Little is known about Cati’s father.
  • During Cati’s childhood, her mother died in the Amazonia of an unknown illness. Not much is known about Cati’s mother.
  • Grandfather – in – law:
  • Emilia Marino: Cati’s mother in law and Andrea’s mother.
  • Hector Marino: Cati’s father in law and Andrea’s father.


  • Rebeca prim: she is 7 years junior than Cati’s and much mature. Rebeca is Cati’s best friend.
  • Sebastian Nero: he is the friend of Cati’s, to embarrassing Andreas, Cati and Sebastian’s have a mutual enjoyment in publicly.

Love interest:

Cati Marino’s husband is Andrea Marino. Andreas was not a favorite of Cati’s when she first met him since he betrayed her identity to Janelle Pesqueza. As time went on, became slower to admit that the stubborn doctor could ever harbour a feeling of friendship for her in miss Abbott and the doctor, and Cati started to feel attracted to Andreas.

Because she felt she didn’t know Andreas well enough to be able to marry him, she hesitated to accept his marriage proposal on the first date. However, after talking to Rebeca, Cati realized that she really loved Andreas, and that she did not object to his marriage.

Doctor Andreas Marino:

Doctor Andreas Marino took over his grandfather’s practice in a small town in the countryside. Miss cati Abbott, the protagonist and the series of deuterogamist, is in love with him.

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