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Huniepop 2 double date game 2021 – Characters and All Details

Huniepop 2 Game Features, Characters, Requirements, and more. With Affection, you can now make your character more powerful.

Right now, everyone is either exploring through games or staying at home and looking like there is nothing interesting happening in their lives because of this covid-19 situation. You can pick out the games at that moment. Recent research indicates that most people have downloaded HuniePop 2.

If you have never heard about the HuniePop 2 game, then don’t worry because here we are providing you with all the information about it so that you can easily learn all about it and play it accordingly.

Introduction to HuniePop 2:

It’s basically a trip to an exotic island paradise in HuniePop 2. There is a common belief that a game can be turned into a vacation, but reality is that you will have an encounter with new steamy adventures, and the sequel is quite common. The world is in an era of darkness and destruction, near the ancient evil of limitless lechery.

It is an adult game, so it is appropriate to select a game that no kid will be able to play. HuniePot published the album, and HuniePop is the band’s name. HuniePop 2 is a sequel to the original HuniePop 2, so you will play as the same protagonist. The game was released on February 8, 2021.

The plot involves two cosmic creatures who are awoken by the period from their slumber. In order to please them sexually, you will need to be awakened before them. To do this, you will need extra fairy wings, which you can earn in three different ways. Since this is a double date game, one needs to be sure how they are going to be a part of it.

New features of Huniepop 2:

As we mentioned, you will encounter the same as HuniePop 2 since it is the sequel. You must be aware of the new features included. These are great additions to the game. They are as follows:-

Double dates:

This includes both double dates and threesomes. Considering its name, we are sure you will be able to find out more about it. You will be a part of a date where two fellows are available to treat you. There is no right or wrong answer here, it is totally up to the user to decide who they want to be with them on this journey.

Switch as your choice:

In the case of two girls, a player is all set to switch between the two during the date. One of them is available to complete the date, and they are both full of affection. The choice is clearly yours, and both of them are so irresistible that you don’t want to leave any of them behind. You need to click on the right mouse button to switch between the girls.

Each girl has exclusive features:

Even if you prefer not to compromise with features, you don’t have to worry because every girl has a unique stamina and sentiment. These moves will be universal, and you will be able to see their qualities. There are exclusive features that make you fall in love with them, and you can easily choose which one you’d like for the date.

Sentiment can be build up accordingly:

As in the previous version, you can build up some sentiment before going on a date. To that end, you can build it with passion as well. After you have bought certain food items from the shop, you can begin making it.

The outfit needs to be decided:

If the player entering the database ends with a CG, it will be forced to use a CG to display the output from the date. The outfit for the location will be selected if the same has not happened.

Paring for each girl:

In the game, you will see that each girl comes up with a paring. Each girl comes up with their own CG. Once the pairing goes on two dates, the CG is earned.

The number of moves in Huniepop 2 can be limited:

Due to the new stamina feature, the number of moves the user can make is limited. You will understand how many moves you are willing to make when there is a limitation imposed on you. They must match out the new stamina tokens after every move on the other girl, and some moves can be recovered after every move. A move may also affect the stamina gained and lost on a date, so be aware of that as well.


Regarding the rewards for completing each date, these are replaced for Munie and Hunie. Instead of the fruit seeds, seeds are added. They can be used to buy movies from the store, and also, a person can give them to the girl to level up the traits of affection. Each trait has five levels and a player needs to cross all of them to unlock it.

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