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Who is Idubbbz girlfriend(Anisa Jomha)in 2022? All details you need to know

My girlfriend is Idubbbz. Anisa Jomha is a Youtube Streamer and the girlfriend of popular content creator IDubbbz(Ian carter).

It has been said that YouTube personality iDubbbz is famous for a variety of reasons, including the fact that he is American. He is even a comedian and is best known for his YouTube channels iDubbzTV2 and iDubbbzgames, along with his comedy video series Cop, Bad Unboxing, and Kickstarter crap. There are more than 7.9 million and 1.38 billion in his possession.

Beginning of his career

He began his career with content cop series, which highlights other YouTube channels, as well as other YouTube channels. Criticizing their social media content as well as the owner’s behavior on social media was his role. This was how he began his passion, which has now become his profession. It was evident that he had a great deal of dedication to his work and a great deal of enthusiasm for it.

Who is Ian Carter(Idubbbz)?

He has gained recognition for his iDubbbz and has now become a YouTube personality. Ian Carter was born on 27th July 1990 in San Antonio, Texas, United States of America. His videos have gained him a great deal of popularity.

You can find out a great deal about him on his YouTube channel, which includes several comedy shows. This even got over a billion views since he has a great fan following and millions of subscribers to his YouTube channel.

About Ian carter Content Cop

Because he has not shared much about his family, very little is known about his family and even his childhood. However, he has elaborated on his childhood and his journey in numerous interviews.  In the beginning of his career, he began with ‘Content Cop’, which he did not know at the time would become this popular and famous.

On the one hand, this series received so much love and appreciation, and on the other, he began to make other series as well. So it was also surprising for him since he had been working hard on each channel and whatever else he was doing at that time. Many people have even noticed his works and appreciated them but they also became fans of them.

About Ian carter childhood

He has stated many times that he decided to go into a creative field during his childhood. That is why he was always allowed to do what he wanted and not like other children. Most of the time, he lived alone and devoted his time to creative pursuits.

The true believers find their way in life because opportunities abound. As a child, I was exposed to a variety of experiences that enhanced my quality of life. I cherish my childhood days and everything associated with them. Those were the best days when earning was so beautiful, and it was indeed enjoyable.

nd Idubbbz girlfriend (Anisa Jomha)

In a video released in 2017, YouTuber Rice Gum said he was looking for a ‘Content Cop’. At the moment, he is working on several projects and has even completed many of them. A music video for a track he has released many times is also known as ‘Asian Jake Paul’ and it was released with YouTuber Boyinaband. At the moment he is working on multiple projects, and they all mean a lot to him because he is working hard. His videos show you several of the projects he is working on.

About Ian carter personal life

He said that although many people know about his personal life, he prefers to keep it private. While he has shared some pictures with his girlfriend Anisha Jomha, he is not currently dating her, and she is known for going by the online moniker RaihabowKidz, since 2016.

Anisha streams the video game ‘League of Legends’ and she is also known for different things, including IRL (In Real Life), and this stream in which she talks to her viewers. This has made her a well-known name for a number of reasons.

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