Where did the casino chip come from?

As you hear the clinking sound of chips, you can’t help but think of the lights and action of Las Vegas! Around the 17th century, when the first gaming venue was opened in Venice, the gaming world was dominated by cash for nearly 200 years. The first currency was cash, but it wasn’t until the Gold Rush era of the West when gamers of chance began using gold and silver nuggets, gold dust, metal tokens, and ivory chips to use as their “bank” for wagering.

Due to the increasing numbers of poker players, ivory chips and gold nuggets became easier to fake, encouraging establishments to brand their own chips and develop a standard across all platforms. The manufacture of the uniform design of the poker chip began during the 1880s, when gambling locations developed their own unique brands. The currency was made up of compressed sand and clay and featured a circular design across all denominations.

Color was incorporated into the new design throughout the years so that different currencies could be exchanged at the tables without causing confusion. With the development of the common poker chip แทงบอลออนไลน์, it was then used in other games such as blackjack, craps, faro, and roulette. With the new currency set in place when casino gambling became legal in Nevada in the 1930s, casino owners were better prepared to welcome the high volume of gamblers.

How has the casino chip design changed?

Most poker chips traded in the gaming world are made from a composite that includes clay, but is a much more durable version of clay. There are also a number of Las Vegas casinos that offer ceramic chips similar to those used for home poker games. How have their designs evolved over time? Why did casinos choose the colors and all the minor features of these tokens to make them so tempting to gamblers?

In the beginning, some of the earliest casino chips were made from ivory and printed with a face value. This was a step in the right direction when it came to the currency of poker. Chips across the board differed in size and material from location to location, and bigger was always better in terms of size. The variety of tokens available as currency remained too easy for individuals to counterfeit as time passed. As the 20th century began, chips were developed with high-pressure machinery, and a standard chip size was established. The standard casino chip size today is 39mm in diameter with a weight ranging from 8.5 grams to 20.5 grams. Since the chip size was fixed, branding was the only way to differentiate casino chips from one floor to the next.

A variety of factors determine the difference in branding throughout the Las Vegas casinos. Most of the hotels along the Las Vegas Strip are owned by two major companies – MGM and Caesars. As a result, the branding process starts on a strong foundation. The rest of the design is determined by a variety of factors, including color choice, logo, amount, and what appeals to the players. Take a look at the variety of casino chips being exchanged on the floor as you make your way along the Strip and into downtown Las Vegas, and you will see just how enticing these small tokens can be.

How often do casinos switch out their chips?

Due to the high volume of tourists visiting Las Vegas, it is difficult to swap out the chips frequently. Casino locations tend to only replace their chips every few years for security reasons and to keep up with the latest gaming trends when it comes to revamping the specific casino chips.

When casinos change out their old chips for new ones, there is usually a “grace period” where they honor the withdrawn chips before disposing of them for good. Before the updated chips can be manufactured, and before they can be used on the casino floor, the Gaming Control Board must give its pre-approval after reviewing the design and security features.

In the past, when old casino chips weren’t being used anymore, casino owners did not know what to do with them. Some were disposed of directly into Lake Mead (some can still be found today by divers) while others were mixed with concrete to help develop the structures of old buildings. Currently, chips can only be destroyed by companies that are approved by the Gaming Control Board. A gaming regulator witnesses the old tokens being loaded into a security-equipped truck and being crushed into dust.

What is the future for casino chips?

Casino chips have a chance of changing at any moment and the future is still uncertain. Some people believe that with the modernization of everyday life, casino tokens will be able to be taken in a more digital form by using electronic devices. Nevertheless, for poker, blackjack, roulette, and other table games, gamblers enjoy the physical look and feel of casino chips. The players like to know how much money they have or don’t have physically in front of them. Don’t be concerned. Las Vegas and Club de Soleil visitors should expect to see casino chips around for many days.

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