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What happened to Lana CC Finds – Lana CC Finds Sims 4 Modes

Lana CC Finds. Complete Guide about Lana CC Finds Sims 4 Mode. Drug Mod, Royalty Mod / Monarchy Mod, Household Mod, Tradgdies Mod.

The Lana Custom Content Finds are imaginative content finds for your Sims 4 character. These personalized contents cover anything from hairstyle to lipstick. Here is a compilation of all of Lana’s most famous choices: a popular game maker.

Is Lana cc finds sims 4 deleted?

The Lana CC creator’s creator had posted a message at the end of the blog stating that all her custom content is in place. However, if anyone attempts to take it apart, she might go ahead and delete the same. Yet nothing like that has happened so far, and we hope that this magnificent CC for the Sims Community will be realized. From now on, Lana cc will have a Sims 4 blog tuyhat boasts more than 600 visitors to the Sims game who enjoy this excellent content.

Lana’s Sims 4 CC is well organized for Sims users. The site map will allow any new customer to quickly search for personalized content. The Sims 4 CC Tumblr is the master list. Accordingly, Lana CC does not consider Sims 4 operational anymore.

No, that is the direct answer to your question. It is fully functional, and Sims 4 users can use it for as long as they need. However, Lana can withdraw the blog at anytime. As of now, Lana does not have the option to do so.

Other Mod of Sims 4 in Lana cc finds:

1. Drug Mod:

You can get MDMA, cocaine, and coke in the Sims 4 drug mod, which you can’t get in real life! Among the drug-related escapees are a haven, heroin addiction, growing marijuana, a dealer, and some drug-related escapees. I look forward to seeing what you’ll do on the basement shift.

Basement Drug Mod:

Basement Drugs are a set of practical TS4 medications. This module includes specially crafted medications and animations, modified walking patterns, moods, requirements, departures, pinnacles, reservoirs, addiction, recovery, comedowns, and much more. However, Basement and we do not promote or glorify real-life drug use. One of the essential characteristics of the modification is the hard reality and disadvantages of extended use.

How to download the drug mod in Lana CC Finds?

  1. Install the Sims 4 drug cc by following these instructions; go to the platform.
  2. Click “Download” and then “Basement Drugs.”
  3. The file will appear in the download folder.
  4. Delete the directory contents into your mods’ folder by right-clicking on the folder: Unzip using 7-Zip: Documents>Collaborative Arts>Collaborate 4> Mod>Collaborative Drugs. This will create a new folder.
  5. Start the game and have fun.
  6. Turn on the game options for your mods and scripts.

2. Royalty Mod / Monarchy Mod:

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a king or queen, of ruling an empire, of living in a giant castle, and of calling people by their names? If you want to make your wish come true, then the Sims 4 royalty mod is what you need. However, you will now play a noble family generation after generation. It means that you will give names, listen to advice, have princes, order minions, and provide for your kingdom. If you want to start your royal journey and learn the game, you should read it to the end.


  1. Create a royal family by having a king.
  2. The monarch is a function in this module and can be found under the lifestyles category. You must first activate full editing mode for the event – complete mode edit – in order to accomplish this.
  3. Monarchs are the most critical Sims in this mod. The head of the line gets the last name, regardless of what judgment you make.
  4. It is possible for the Monarch to have a Royal Partner, grant any rights to every user, and name a successor.
  5. Monarchs have the potential to be either revered or despised, depending on their relationships with the universe.
  6. The people around them would either love to be around them or hate them.
  7. Don’t raise your taxes too high.

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