Morpeko Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, and Statistics

Pokemon has come up with incredible features in every generation since its introduction. In every generation there is a new feature introduced that lets players rely on it more and more. Currently, the Pokemon Morpeko evolution is in the news, and people seem quite pleased with it as well. We will be sharing all the details related to Morpeko here so that the next time when you engage in this game, no questions will arise, and you can play it effortlessly.

Who is Morpeko?

The electric dark type Pokemon Morpeko was released in generation 8 and marks its debut. The Pokemon is also known as the two-sided Pokemon. The cheek is able to generate electricity constantly with all its sacs.

Because Morpeko is constantly hungry, electricity is generated by consuming energy. The constant hunger of Morpeko disrupts the body’s hormonal balance, leading to changes in the Morpeko’s body. Consequently, the per color changes and triggers aggressive and volatile behavior.

We need to figure this out because if we don’t, it may lead to a great deal of destruction. Find out more about Morpeko evolution here.


When it comes to appearance, it totally depends on the full belly mod and hangry mood. It looks cute in full belly mode, but in hangry mode, it looks entirely different. There are different Pokemon activities on either side of this one.

The hangry mode, however, is an indication of the destruction that will follow. There will be no return to normalcy until and unless he feels satisfied, and destruction will increase with every passing second. This is why it is important to pay attention to it and to learn about all other related factors.

How has Morpeko evolved?

The fact that MORPEKO does not evolve is quite interesting when understanding evolution. There will be no further evolution of the features and they are confined to the present evolution. In the upcoming generation there might be some kind of revolution, but there are no details available about it as of yet.

Regarding the entries relating to Morpeko, then it depends on the mode. Hangry mode and full belly mode have different entries.

In the full belly mode:


Basically, as the seeds are eaten, they are stored in a pocket-like pouches, and as a result, it is not only satisfying the constant hunger, but also generating electricity. This is a double-edged sword.


As for the shield, it is accompanied by electrically roasted seeds, which serve as precious treasures. No matter how much it eats, it gets hungry soon after.

Statistics of Morpeko evolution:

When it comes to understanding the statistics of Pokemon Morpeko, they have completely changed since the previous version. The attack capacity has increased to 95, and the health has decreased to 48. The defence power is 58, and the special attack capacity is 70.

As well as these, there are 97 points of speed and 58 points of special defence built in. The statistics contribute to a total of 436 as base statistics, which is entirely acceptable and sufficient for retaining the good temperament throughout.

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