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Log Horizon season 3 – Destruction of the Round table:

A famous animated series based on a light novel, Log Horizon season 3 is an animated series that is based on a light novel. Find out about Log Horizon season 3 characters and episodes.

Log Horizon is an animated series based on a novel. The novel is called a light novel. The author of this novel is Mamare Touno. The series is also the best-animated on television.

Although it was produced by the stage light studios and directed by Shinji Ishihara, its first season was produced by the stage light studios. Toshizo Nemoto is the composer of this animated film. The characters were designed by Mariko Ito. Although he used the real names of the characters designed by Hara Kazuhiro, he referred to them by their real names. Yuki Nomura designed the art. Additionally, the sound was directed by Shoji Hata and the soundtrack by Yasuharu Takanashi. In October 2013, the first season premiered.

There are 25 episodes in the second season as well. This season is titled Log Horizon. It was also released on the 4th of October 2014. The studio that produced this series was Studio DEEN. After a while, the studio was replaced by Sate light. Director and storylines of the 2nd series remain the same.

Introduction to Log Horizon season 3:

In addition to providing the details of the first two series of this anime, I am now providing you with details of Log Horizon 3. The full name of the third season is Destruction of the Round Table. This third series was announced on the 13th of January 2021. There will be 13 episodes in this series. The third season of Log Horizon 3 can be downloaded from the website Crunchyroll.

Log horizon first season’s episode name list:

The following 25 episodes of the first season are listed here:

1: Apocalypse

2: Battle of Loka

3: The depths of the palm

4: Getting out

5: Return to Akihabara

6: Resolving

7: Crescent moon

8: Villain with glasses

9: Round table meeting

“10: Grab it by the collar”

11: An invitation from the east

12: Lagranda’s forest

13: Shield and freedom

14: Word fraction

15: Attack

16: Return of the goblin king

17: A cowardly, lazy princess

18: An expeditionary force

19: Chase that Back

20: Contract

21: The two of us shall watz

22: Swallow and young starling

23: The sorcerer’s apprentice

24: Chaos

25: The Libra festival

The last note on Log Horizon season 3:

I would like to conclude my article by reminding my readers that they should watch the entire Log Horizon season 3 anime movie. The story is also based on the book. The characters in this anime series are also very strong and have more power.

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