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Dragon Type Pokemon go – 5 Best Way to Catch Dragon Type Pokemon

Dragon-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go. What are the best Dragon-type Pokemon in the game? Discover different ways to catch Dragon-type Pokemon here.

You can go on an adventurous expedition with Pokémon Go, an AR mobile game that allows you to immerse yourself in a fanatical world while enriching your experience at the same time.  Pokémon go lets you customize your own avatar, which primarily includes dragon-type pokemon. Upon creation, the avatar appears on the map and the species can reside in numerous locations around the world.

Pokemon Go dragon type collection:

Pokémon Go has a wide variety of collectibles, and you can throw a poke ball whenever you see a wild pokemon. In exchange for the encounter, the player receives two currencies: Candy and Stardust.ust. These currencies can be used to level up the pokemon. In the past, players could reach a maximum level of 40, but now they can reach level 50. The aim of this game is to complete all entries in the most comprehensive pokemon logbook, the Pokedex, and collect as many as you can.

Dragon type pokemon go:

Considering that each pokemon has different strengths and weaknesses, there are a total of 18 different types. Dragon types are the most sought-after and well-recognized among the Pokemon collection.. These pokemon are considered to be great attackers since they take down the enemy players. Even though they are stronger than Ice and Fairy, they are still considered inferior.

You can choose from a variety of dragon types. Each dragon differs in some way, and what makes them unique is the variety of their unique moves. Unfortunately, when they enter the battle, they only have access to one fast move and one charge move. While it is extremely difficult to choose one of the best and strongest of all, let’s take a look at the following list and you determine which is the most powerful dragon type.


Lilac-coloured dragon pokemon go that appears to have a soft personality, but it is known for its ability to deal massive damage. The high maximum CP and attack-focused base stats of this shield make it an effective shield. This pokemon is a fifth-gen Legendary that boasts dual typing like many other pokemonYou should choose fire attacks if you want Reshiram to deal absolute damage to you.m.

You simply need to combine the fire fang with overheat so that maximum and extreme damage is released. If you choose other dragons such as Dragon Breath or Draco Meteor, these dragons will also cause destruction, though not as much as Reshiram. Moreover, it is true that it has no particular weakness.

Yet, it is undoubtedly resistant to fire and grass-type attacks, which is why Reshiram only sustained 39.1% damage to its body. Pokemon species generally have limitations on the types of battle they can choose. However, Reshiram is a legendary dragon type that has a special place in your team.


In terms of popularity, Salamence is the most popular dragon-type pokemon go that can fly and is, of course, a dragon. There are red stripes on its neck and tail. It is predominantly blue in color. Furthermore, it has gray stripes on the interior surface of its legs, along with two pairs of pointed teeth.

Flying and releasing fire is all it does for the most part, stopping only when tired or sleepy. Salamence becomes uncontrollable when it is furious. Salamence is also known for its renowned moves Outrage and Dragon Tale.

Salamence has 19.7% damage to its body per second when both these moves are combined, which is a lot compared to Reshiram. It is the possibility of being caught in the shadow form that really sets it apart from other species. In fact, it is the easiest of them all to add to your team and indeed a great dragon to have on your side.

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