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Fantastic Items And Gizmos You Need To Create An Otaku Lounge

Otaku Lounges bring together all the good stuff about anime, gaming, and Japanese culture.

Anime and gaming are, by far, the most popular forms of entertainment for people of all ages. When we combine both of these ideas in an inclusive niche with Japanese culture, we get the Otaku genre.

When we mention the word Otaku, it involves a deeper level of enthusiasm. The passion is so intense that some would start building their collection of related merchandise. Some would go as far as modifying their homes to get the geeky vibe they wanted.

If creating an Otaku Lounge is on your list of upcoming home projects, we’ll be glad to be of assistance. We collected these ten fantastic items you would need to set up your future hub.

A Feature Anime Wall

Think about how you can implement a feature anime wall while you are planning. You could paint a selected side or print anime or manga wallpaper. This part of the lounge should be the center of attention, so you should hang items and install gadgets.

Alternatively, you can choose a pre-painted wall where you can hang custom anime portraits. You can also decorate it with posters, stickers, and Japanese postcards. Don’t forget to add some lighting to emphasize the feature wall even more.

Anime Lamps

If you have a side table, you need a lamp, but it shouldn’t be a boring one. Anime lamps have become increasingly popular in recent years. Even though they are worthwhile purchases for some reasons, they complement other anime paraphernalia better.

So, this is your chance to get a lamp of your favorite anime character. The manufacturer can be asked to create a heavily customized lamp if customers wish to perfect this lamp. In any case, what matters is that it gets paired with other geeky things that you own and displayed in the right place.

An Origami Kit

You must have something on the lounge or activity table if you frequently invite artsy guests. An origami kit is the perfect craft for an Otaku Lounge. It’s not only a fun activity with friends, but it’s also a great stress-reliever.

The protagonist of Persona 4 makes origami cranes for charity in his room on a pro-bono basis. A perfect sight when you have kids who are interested in learning about this art is this activity. Besides teaching patience and calmness, it raises the children’s understanding that they do this for charitable causes. Yes, we’re still talking about the game!

A Tatami Setting

Making origami won’t be the same without the type of flooring often found in Japanese-style rooms. Additionally, such a setting adds to the otaku feel and would be an excellent addition to your lounge. In addition to mats, consider getting short-legged tables (Chabudai) and what most people call a tatami chair (Zaisu).

Consider converting a corner of your Otaku Lounge into a Japanese style corner where you can display these ensembles. Here you will serve matcha, homemade takoyaki, and ramen to your guests. Make sure you know how to prepare them!

Turntable And A Vinyl Of Your Favorite Anime Soundtrack

Retro lovers will want a space where they can bang their heads and sing along with the best anime soundtracks on vinyl. There’s nothing more nostalgic than having a collection of anime songs playing on a turntable as you enjoy these fantastic covers.

Anime has produced some really catchy hooks, and “Unravel” by Tokyo Ghoul and “Guren no Yumiya” by Attack on Titans should be on everyone’s must-listen list. So that you can enjoy vinyl records for a long time, make sure that you take care of your turntable and vinyl records. Don’t forget to buy replacement styli and cleaners for your record player if you’re going to invest in one.

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